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neo patents

neo patents focuses on the further development to market maturity of the solar collectors and solar tubes through its own patents.

These patents protect products and processes mainly in the field of solar technology (cleantech), such as

  • Coloured low-e coatings
  • Highly selective coatings
  • UV varnishes

Low-e is the abbreviation for low-emissivity and is already a common coating for insulating glass, which reduces the emissivity and minimizes the heating by heat radiation.

However, a low-e-coating is also indispensable for facades, especially for the surfaces of buildings in very sunny regions of the world. The neo patents Low-E coating for aluminum facades/profiles/foils achieves better absorption and reflection values than the competition and can also be adjusted in a wide range of colours. The coating can be applied cost-effectively in a roll-to-roll process. It also has excellent corrosion resistance. This coating combination is superior to commercially available PVD coatings in this respect. Furthermore, the neo patents coatings are robust, durable, lightfast and thermally stable. Manufactured tapes can, for example, be processed into adhesive tapes and then applied to any surface. First prototypes prove the success of this technology.

neo patents has set itself the goal of setting up the process of series production of this and other technologies.