Company History

Dr. Dieter und Sandra Ostermann

Company History

The neoxid group

The neoxid group is a network of legally independent companies involved in the research and development of new technologies as well as the production and sale of these technologies.

With the foundation of ODB-Tec GmbH & Co. KG almost 15 years ago as a spin-off of the University of Düsseldorf, the research and development of new technologies began, whose common denominator is the application of nanotechnological processes and materials. Over the years, more than 50 patents from 8 patent families have been registered.


These developments include applications in the field of solar energy, for example. In this way, methods have been developed to significantly optimize the energy yield and production costs of solar collectors: Coatings for the absorber tubes in parabolic trough collectors used in solar thermal power plants (CSP) increase the heat yield.

In addition to the power of the sun, hydrogen is the focus of science and our developers. In this area, ODB-Tec initially developed an application in which hydrogen is produced on the basis of photocatalysts in a solar collector directly and without the intermediate step of photovoltaics. Water is only broken down into hydrogen and oxygen by light irradiation and the photocatalyst.

neoxid group is always one step ahead in terms of the technologies required for the use of hydrogen from a safety perspective: cost-effective sensors with very fast reaction times and high sensitivity have meanwhile been developed to market maturity and can be bought from neo hydrogen sensors GmbH.

A completely different business segment is the construction and building materials industry. Here, the focus is specifically on the development of shuttering boards for concrete that do not require oil.

With the transfer of research and development activities to neoxid GmbH in 2014, ODB-Tec realigned itself: The change of name to neopatents GmbH & Co.KG describes the focus on the administration and exploitation of the patents developed over the years.

With neo hydrogen sensors GmbH, we go one step further and focus here on the production and sale of hydrogen sensors and catalysts developed over many years.

From the very beginning, the digitization of our work results and process flows has been the focus in order to optimize work flows. Approval processes of e.g. test results, chemical cadastre, etc. as well as administrative processes are completely digital. This is the only way we can meet our quality requirements. Our portal solution, which is available as a web application on all end devices without long installation, has a modular structure and can also help you with the digitization of your company. The neoprocessing team is available to answer your questions.

Today in 2019 the neoxid GmbH produces beside its research and development activities measuring techniques, like CO2-, O2-, Humidity- or VOC sensors and burners, which can be used in a wide range of applications. In addition, our systems are digitally readable, networkable and can be made available on the Internet/Intranet (IoT).